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  • Information Technology Consulting & Staff Augmentation

    VALiNTRYtechnology specializes in delivering pre-qualified IT talent and technology solutions that reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and drive business growth.

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    Salesforce? Certified Consulting and Staffing

    VALiNTRYcrm is a Salesforce? Registered Consulting Partner specializing in helping clients optimize their instance of the world's #1 CRM by rapidly delivering customized solutions and qualified talent.

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    Finance & Accounting and CPA Staffing

    VALiNTRYfinancial works with CPA firms and Finance teams to provide the most qualified Audit and Tax Professionals, Controllers, CFOs, bookkeepers, and more nationwide.

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    VALiNTRY Testimonials

    • “Very committed to preparing you for your interview with extreme professionalism Very knowledgeable about the hiring company and industry job resides. Consistent in providing timely feedback on the status of an interview. - via Glassdoor.com
      -VALiNTRY Former Consultant
    • Another homerun with [this candidate]!?[The hiring leader]?really loved everything about her, she is absolutely the candidate we want to move forward with for this [location],?she [has] every quality we were looking for...Thank you so much for your amazing effort with this [location.] You really went above and beyond and we are so excited.
      -VALiNTRY Client Lilli, Client Services Coordinator – Healthcare Data Analytics Firm
    • “In regards to our electronic timesheet: "It’s an efficient tool you have there, to approve timecards - ?It’s an Easy Button!" In regards to our placed Big Data specialist: "Yes, it is going very well with [the candidate you placed with us]"..."We are so very pleased." "We think he is an excellent fit, thus far. Very happy."”
      -VALiNTRY Client Deborah – President of a Healthcare Consulting Firm
    • “The VALiNTRY team is highly responsive and professional, with a customer focus that delivers to address our precise business needs.”
      -VALiNTRY Client – via Anonymous Quarterly Survey
    • “[I have only]?positive things to say about VALiNTRY.?I have dealt with other recruiters that will treat you like another number, not VALiNTRY, they personally will address your case, and treat you with the attention we all deserve. Eric Lyublinsky in my case, was exceptional. Immediately within a few days getting hands on the case, and informing me along the way of the progress. I have not had that personalized attention before from any other recruiter. Keep up the great work. VALiNTRY?is awesome!
      -Current Employee – Software Developer in TN
    • “Amazing Company to work at. Especially Eric Lyublinsky... He knows what he is doing. I had the privilege to work with him and I am so happy about it. I would highly recommend?VALiNTRY.”
      -Current Employee – .NET Developer in TN
    • “We recently used Valintry to perform an overall assessment of our IT department and to make recommendations regarding people, process and technology improvements. In addition, they provided us contract labor to review and document our data model and business rules and to develop a data warehouse model. The resources they provided were very well qualified, professional and were available immediately. I will definitely use Valintry again for any future IT resource needs.”
      -CIO, Healthcare Technology Company
    • “VALiNTRY came to my aid when I needed most to get back onto my main career path. I'm especially grateful for Destiny Quinn, and all that she did to quickly assess my skills and experience and then match me to the need of a local employer. VALiNTRY also made the on-boarding process quick and painless - with most docs being handled online. There was never any hitch processing my paperwork or my paycheck (Thank You, Carolee Bavaro!). Of course, VALiNTRY was always there when I had a question or needed clarification on my assignment. I enjoyed my temporary assignment very much and made some great friends in the process. Thank You, VALiNTRY, for helping me in my career when I needed it most.”
      -Former Consultant – Accounting Manager
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    Our Story

    VALiNTRY is a tech-driven staff augmentation and consulting agency, providing services for technology (IT) focused on Salesforce?, finance and accounting, and certified public accounting (CPA).

    Our highly experienced recruiting team is supported by VALiNTRY’s proprietary V-FiTT Talent Identification System, which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to search, screen, and prioritize candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

    We’ve received numerous honors for our growth, leadership, and work environment, including recognition from Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” in 2017 and “Inc. 5000” in 2018 & 2019, CIO Magazine’s “CIO of the Year” in 1999, and Orlando Business Journal’s “CEO of the Year” in 2016 and “Best Places to Work” for 2014-2019. ?We were recently ranked #202 on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500?.

    We look forward to becoming your trusted partner for certified talent.

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